Theresa Ancona

During high school, Theresa took a part-time job hand folding, inserting & addressing direct mail for a physicians billing service.  Then in college she worked for a printer/silk-screener and now, almost 20 years later, print communications, signage and direct mail is still her cup of tea.

Theresa is yet another scorpio here at Swift.  Scorpio's colors are powerful red and serious black. Which to Theresa means, “PMS 185 and a nice 4-color black.”

In her free time Theresa enjoys running and biking and having a sweet treat with coffee afterwards. (good coffee).

I like basil but I don't like pesto. I don't like chocolate mixed with mint but I like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies (who doesn't?)

 Theresa: 314.991.4300 ext. 349