A customized catalog of your company's corporate materials is inventoried online at the SwiftClick site. Your print buyer, your customer or your autorized employees log on and select, edit and order the desired piece. You control authorization, editing features and pricing, etc.

Your order is processed at Swift in an expeditious manner to the spec and pricing structure that is pre-determined at the time of set-up.

Your order is shipped out to its assigned delivery locations via the requested shipping method.

"The corporate cost of processing a purchase order today, from order inception to accounts payable reconciliation, is $175. Moving that to procesing online reduces those costs to less than $20". - NPMA, National Purchasing Managers Assoc.

"On average, companies spend $100 on paperwork alone each time they make a purchase. Moving those transactions to the Web can slash costs by 90%". - Fortune Magazine

SwiftClick allows you to:

Automate the ordering process for marketing materials

Improve the speed with which you get marketing materials to your reps and customers by processing online requests within hours of orders being placed

Develop a system that makes it easy to personalize messages to your customers and do it fast and economically.