Sharon Berkery

Sharon is somewhat of a newcomer to the print industry – she started at Swift in 2006 as their receptionist, and then progressed to her current position in Customer Service. She is very organized, enjoys a challenge, and always looks for ways to improve and create a more organized and efficient work environment.

Although new to the print industry, she is not new to the customer service industry. While working in Australia, she worked for TheTile Store in their Accounting Department where she would also moonlight in the evenings helping customers choose color schemes and tiles for their homes. In Guam she was the manager of a video store.

A single child, she’s the only daughter of Joyce & Alan Duff. Their favorite saying has been "After having this one, they said NO MORE! TOO MUCH ENERGY!”

Life enjoyments include watching ice hockey, loves the outdoors, cycling, misses the beach terribly, but makes do with an $18 pool from Wal-Mart where she can still put in a floaty and sunbathe! And of course, all that girly stuff like making jewelry and scrap booking.

Currently resides in Sunset Hills with a menagerie of animals which are her passion. Two dogs, two fish, two birds, and a cat. "The more the better" she says!


Favorite food – that has to be Indian (my grannie was from Nepal and made the best curries)

Favorite band – Pink Floyd – most excellent concert ever

Star sign – Aries – a typical one!