Marty Kohler (Rosary '77)

has been in the printing business since 1979. His first job was sweeping the floor, stocking shop towels and loading/unloading paper trucks. Wanting more Marty went to work in the pressroom as a press tender loading paper, throwing loads, washing blankets and cleaning plates. Soon there was an opening in the pre-press department that was calling his name and after years of Graphic Arts and Printing Industry school Marty became a Journeyman Stripper, Plate-maker, Proof-maker. After that accomplishment, Marty was on the move again…Sales was his next objective and that is where he has been ever since. He tells me that there is a real satisfaction one gets while helping a customer solve a particular printing problem with a thought out solution and or discovering a way to produce a project more efficiently. After spending time talking with Marty, I understand why his customers enjoy working with him and why Marty's customers refer to him as the "Go To Guy". He gets the job done right the first time and always has a solution for whatever situation arises.

Marty has been married to his wife Char for 30 years and they have 3 terrific kids…Stephanie, Casey and Bridget and I must include their little dog Cooper (he is a Pug). In his spare time Marty likes to play sand volleyball, fish, play his guitar, build models and relax on Sundays with the family, he usually always has something on the BBQ or smoker.


Nick Name: BUBBA (that is what the Boss Man calls me!)

Favorite Food: Meatloaf (the WHOLE loaf!)

Favorite Band: Van Halen…WITH David Lee Roth (not Van Haggar)

Sign: LEO

Weird Fact: Back in the mid 70's I had a beer with Eddie Money at Bogart's down on the Landing

Paper or Plastic: I need plastic to pickup after the dog!


Marty:   314.991.4300 ext. 328