Mark Toon

Mark Toon is a veteran print professional with 37 plus years experience in the art of printing. Even with his vast experience, he appreciates the challenge to learn something new every day. “Our business is constantly changing and evolving. Understanding and using the latest technology is a constant quest. But you must also realize that the business of doing business continues to evolve as well and we must work hard to provide products and services that parallel none. We have to be the very best of the best.”

Mark has worked hard in other areas of his life to be the “best of the best”. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shito-ryu karate and has earned bronze and silver medals in national and international karate championships for the last ten years. He is an accomplished pianist, drummer, and composer. He is currently completing his CD of original compositions, completely orchestrated and performed by himself. His other hobbies include motorcycles, 4-wheeling, and fishing to name a few.


Nick name: Bruised-Lee (“I seem to be a bit accident prone”)

Favorite food: Mexican (I was born in Brownsville, Texas and raised by a Mexican nanny. I think she put taco sauce in my bottle)

Favorite band: Too many to choose from. I love almost any kind of music and find something to enjoy about most any band I listen to.


Sign: Virgo

Weird Fact: My father was a sailor and my mother is a church marm. (Who do you think I favor?)