Joe Dolan

Career in the printing industry began in the early ‘80’s as a production coordinator in the bindery business. Learning the business from the bottom up was my goal and that through the process, I could be more proactive in my business.

I have had the knack to be able to make connections, albeit business, family, my running /cycling groups, it is all a part of who I am.

My job is to ever serve my clients and prospects as best I can. Building relationships is what this business is all about. When you factor in the latest in technology and a staff with years of experience, you then can offer a superior product.

When I am not working, usually I am training for a cycling event or a race. Over the years I have run in a number of marathons and ½ marathons. Now that age is creeping up on me, I have gravitated to cycling.

Married for 30 years, we have raised our sons and they live out of town. We have substituted our sons for 2 German Shepard siblings, who literally run our household.

Swift Print Communications is a part of my life, and what better blend of family, business and great relationships could you ask for?

  Joe:  314.991.4300 ext. 344