Greg Ahrens

Greg comes to Swift Print Communications with 16 years of experience in sales, customer service, estimating, and purchasing. "Don't come to me with a problem, unless you have a solution" someone once said to me. " I have always tried to apply that to dealing with customers. Service is the most integral part of establishing an effective relationship with a customer. Customers must know that they can reach you at any time and count on you no matter what the situation is. I have always enjoyed the daily challenges of the print industry, which consistently forcing you to think "outside of the box".

Greg lives with his wife, dog, and cat in south St. Louis city. He is an avid race fan, diehard Illinois and Chicago Bear fan, and a huge music fan.

Favorite Band: The Black Crowes

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Movie Quote: "Were gonna need a bigger boat"

Weird Fact: Grandfather threw Gene Hackman (he dated my aunt) out of the house because he heard he was a troublemaker

Favorite Activity: Attending the Indianapolis 500 (33 straight years)