Darryl Dains

While attending St. Louis Community College Darryl found him self working at a Direct mail company to pay the bills. It was there he learned customer service was a team effort. As a shipping supervisor he remembers his boss saying it doesn’t matter if everyone else did everything perfect if you don’t get it delivered on time and in good condition. Darryl has taken his responsibility in that team seriously as he worked as Production Coordinator, Customer Service and Estimator. Darryl enjoys the challenge of helping our clients produce a quality product at a competitive price.

Darryl, his wife Dawn, their three children (Josh, Eric and Katie), and their chiweenie dog (Summer) live in Wentzville, MO. In his spare time Darryl enjoys volunteering at his church on the Tech. and Hospitality teams.


Nick Name: Some call me Double D

Favorite Food: Meat (doesn’t matter what kind) and Potatoes

Favorite Band: Kansas

Sign: Sagittarius

Weird Fact: The Direct mail job was only to be a two week job, it been a 30 year career