Chuck Gunkel

The most common question asked about Chuck is, What is a Rainmaker? And his answer is a simple one. It’s not a person who produces or attempts to produce rain by artificial means, it’s a person who can initiate progress, take a leadership role and have the drive to succeed. Who is constantly cultivating new generations of Rainmakers. He bases his success on attitude and commitment. “It’s not about putting ink on paper, it’s about trust and associating myself with the right people. When you love what you do for a living, how can you have a bad day?” He always wants to make sure that his business partners love to see him stop by and hate to see him go. His personality just bleeds FUN!!

Chuck, his wife Lynn, their two children Alex ( 21 ) and Lisa (18 ), and their dog Frankie live in St. Charles. When he finds some spare time he enjoys playing golf and is still looking for that Hole-In-One!

Behind closed doors? He loves to eat Turkey necks. Everyone at Swift brings them to him after Thanksgiving. He also likes stale peeps! He enjoys reading novels and loves all kinds of music.

Chuck:  314.991.4300 ext. 329