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Cheryl Horn Rogger

What do a good glass of wine, a Nickelback CD, Jellybelly candy and a pug-nosed dog named Chloe have in common? They are all favorites of Cheryl Horn Rogger.

But these pale in comparison to Cheryl’s true passion for helping others, a zest she has put to good use in the printing industry for 17 years. Cheryl’s beloved grandmother instilled a work ethic in her at a young age with her simple words of wisdom: “there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you put your heart and soul into it.” Today, this seasoned printing professional puts her heart and soul into every project – along with her trademark energy.

Speaking of Cheryl’s energy, stop by a St. Louis park and you just may see a flash of a tall, tan blond flash by – she’s an avid runner, with athleticism that also extends to hiking and bowling.But don’t worry, Cheryl carves out a little relaxation time, too, and can often be found lounging poolside, painting, cooking or laughing with friends.

Her 17 years in printing are much like the movies she enjoys – some days are action packed, others are comedies...

Cheryl looks forward to talking to you about your next commercial printing project Stop by Swift and talk to her and you may just be greeted at the door by Chloe – Cheryl’s dog is the unofficial office mascot.